Schedule of Fees


​            Please note as of  01/07/2019 our fees are as follows:

From 1st of April 2021, all telehealth consultations will incur a $20 out of pocket fee.  Pensioners, Health care Card holders and children under 16 years of age will still be bulk billed for this service.

Standard Consultation:​
​                                                                    Medicare Rebate                 Gap/Out of Pocket
                     Cash         $67.00                           $38.20                                     $28.80

                     Account     $80.00                           $38.20                                    $41.80

Long Consultation:
                                                                         Medicare Rebate                 Gap/Out of Pocket

                    Cash       $102.00                             $73.95                                    $28.05

                    Account   $115.00                             $73.95                                    $41.05


Pensioners and children under 16 will be Bulk Billed

Our clinic acknowledges that these are very difficult times for all of us and we are trying very hard to maintain a high level of service.

We appreciate that the Coronavirus has seriously affected a lot of people financially.

Please be aware that out practice can bulk bill your visit if you find yourself in adverse circumstances.

Please discuss this with your Doctor during your consultation as reception staff are unable to alter fees.

This is a temporary measure to assist those most affected by this current crisis and will continue until 31st May 2020