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Email Policy

Whittlesea Medical Clinic considers that all health information is sensitive by nature and so ensures that all communication of health information, including via electronic means, adequately protects the patients privacy.

Email is one of the most prevalent and convenient forms of communication.  Our clinic often receives requests from patients, other clinicians and third parties to send health information via email.  We are required to ensure that any communication of health information is safe and secure.

​​My health records Whittlesea Medical Clinic does upload health summaries to My Health Records which is an encrypted government system.  We are required to hold a NASH (PKI) Certificate to ensure that we comply with government requirements. 

Healthlink Our clinic uses Healthlink which is a secured messaging system that exchanges patient information between healthcare providers and their software systems e.g. referrals to specialists.

Medicare We transmit data to Medicare Online and does have in place a Medicare Digital Credential Certificate (PKI) as required by the Department of Health.

Whittlesea Medical Clinic takes the privacy of information in relation to our patients very seriously and ensure that we meet our obligations under the Privacy Act. 

Social Media Policy

For the purpose of this policy 'social media' is considered online social networks used to disseminate information through online interaction.

Whittlesea Medical Clinic has a social media policy in place for all staff as part of a condition of employment that they must adhere to.  We will not publish, release or share any information in accordance with the Privacy Act.

The Practice Manager, as the authorised Social Media Officer is required to approve any content before it can be published on our website or any social media platform regarding any of Whittlesea Medical Clinics services.

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